Athletic Blood Lab Testing Made Simple

Find the missing nutrients in your recipe for optimal performance.

We Solved an Ages Old Problem in Endurance Athletics

RunTheLabs analyzes the most relevant and actionable nutrient related issues which affect athletic performance, endurance and recovery. Many athletes have hidden performance hampering nutrient insufficiencies. We identify those with blood lab testing and use reference ranges optimized to suit the nutrient demands of a trained athlete. Simple, easy to understand reporting indicates where the athlete is relative to our RunTheLabs Optimal Range for any given nutrient. These ranges reflect the enhanced nutrient requirements for optimal performance but are still safely inside of standard lab reference ranges. Easy to follow dietary corrections and supplementation suggestions are provided with results to help athletes take quick action towards improvement.

Blood Lab Panels:

Blood Samples
Basic Lab Panel
Sunset Run
Basic + D
Jumping Over Water
Max Endurance

Basic testing panel looks at blood count with a test called a hemogram and assesses iron levels with a ferritin test. This helps runners and athletes determine if they are affected by the most common cause of nutrient related athletic impairment, low iron, and its affect on red blood cells and hemoglobin levels.



Adds a look at Vitamin D levels to the Basic Lab panel.  Optimal Vitamin D levels are crucial to healthy immune function, hormone production, mineral absorption, and bone health.  For runners, healthy levels of Vitamin D can protect against stress fractures. 


Our recommended and most comprehensive assessment of biomarkers that affect performance.  Hemogram, Ferritin (iron levels), Vitamin D, Folate, and Vitamin B12.  This panel assesses the major nutrients related to the production of hemoglobin and healthy red blood cells and therefore efficient and maximal oxygen transport.


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