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Why Test?


A significant percentage of runners and other athletes across the U.S. are needlessly suffering from deficiencies or nutritional inadequacies that are leading to reduced overall performance, repetitive nagging injuries, and in some cases, unnecessarily shortened athletic careers. Many simply guess at what their particular nutrient needs are and rely on shotgun-approach nutritional supplementation regimens. This can be wasteful and even dangerous.

Objective measurable data from clinical lab studies gives the athlete solid insight into what nutrients actually need supplementing.

Optimize Your Performance!
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What We Test

We have selected a small collection of core lab tests which represent the nutrients most commonly associated with athletic performance, endurance and recovery. We have devised our own optimized reference ranges, more appropriate for training and competitive athletes. Our research and work with athletes to date tells us that issues like low iron and vitamin D, B12 and Folate and magnesium are widespread and common in the athletic community. We have the ability, by helping our athletes optimize their physiology via improved biochemistry, improved oxygen transport and metabolic function, to have a significant positive impact on competitive sport as a whole. By keeping testing simple and affordable we can be very inclusive and with high numbers of athletes testing and improving we can help shape a future of better overall performance and wellness in U.S. athletics.

Drug Testing
Safe, Easy, and Fast

We use only labs certified by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA). Turnaround is typically under 10 business days for most testing. We keep it simple and only test those nutrient biomarkers most common to impede athletic performance and are typically easy to rectify with dietary modification or supplementation. This keeps the cost of testing down and allows athletes to more easily retest to track changes in nutrient status.

When nutrient levels need supporting we advise on how to derive more of the key nutrients in question from diet and provide links to trusted high quality, professional grade nutritional supplements through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.

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Six Easy Steps

1. Select a lab package you wish to test.

2.  Phone in to order your lab panel securely.

3. Receive your lab requisition by fax or mail and take it to the participating lab (Sunrise Medical Lab or Quest Diagnostics) nearest you and have your blood drawn.

 4. Receive your test results by mail with our RunTheLabs Optimal lab ranges to see where your results rank and which nutrients may need support.

(results take 1-2 weeks)

5.  If supplementation is indicated, we make recommendations in the results and provide a link to our FullScript virtual dispensary for access to the quality nutritional products we recommend most commonly.

6. Optimize your biomarkers and Thrive!

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