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Our services include blood lab ordering and analysis.  Results are reported to athletes along with recommended optimal ranges for each nutrient or biomarker tested so athlete's may know where they need improving.  Nutrient intake recommendations are provided when appropriate and contact information to access our Fullscript online nutritional dispensary is given for those athletes wishing to access the quality professional grade nutrients we recommend most highly.

Testing performed is done as direct to consumer lab ordering and no physician/patient relationship is established in purchasing a package and running your labs, however all results are reviewed for any laboratory red flag values and contact is made to alert of any such rare  findings .  Results of any labs ordered are not intended for the diagnoses of any disease or medical condition but for the assessment of athletic biomarker levels only.

For the moment, to keep testing and resulting secure, all orders are either rendered by phone (540-539-0877), or in person.  We take all major credit cards.   Requisitions will be mailed to access the lab testing.  Athletes present to the lab for testing.  Results are typically mailed in 1-2 weeks from time of testing.

Currently, we work with Quest Diagnostics and Sunrise Medical Laboratories and are testing only in the state of Virginia.

Blood Samples
Basic Lab Panel

This is our most basic test panel.  It uses a hemogram test and ferritin test to look for evidence of low iron, the most common deficiency affecting athletic performance.  Low iron impairs red blood cells making oxygen transport more difficult.


Sunset Run
Basic + D

Our intermediate package adds Vitamin D to the Basic Lab Panel.  Vitamin D is commonly low in athletes and can lead to hampered immune functioning and greater risk of stress fractures among other important consequences.


Athetic Women Sprinting
Max Endurance

Our most recommended and comprehensive look at the most common nutrient biomarkers to affect endurance and athletic performance and recovery.  It adds B12 and Folic Acid tests to the Basic + D panel. This panel looks at the most common nutritional causes of anemia and can find causes of suboptimal performance that could otherwise remain hidden long term.


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